RFJ Community Scholarship Award 2024: Continuing the Legacy of Supporting Vietnamese Dancers

Following the success of RFJAM/ SUMMER JAM in 2023, which awarded 12 scholarships to outstanding and dedicated dancers in Vietnam, RFJ 2024 is back! This year, RFJ has partnered with PUSW and Văn Hóa Đường Phố to continue the RFJ Community Scholarship Award project for dancers in Vietnam.

This scholarship project aims to promote the dance movement in Vietnam by encouraging and supporting passionate and talented dancers in the field. The scholarship not only provides opportunities for dancers to learn and develop their skills but also builds a foundation for them to contribute to the sustainable development of dance culture within our arts community.

In recognition of their contributions and efforts in building the community, we are pleased to announce the dancers who have received scholarships at RFJAM and SUMMER JAM:

  1. Blue Dragon Children's Foundation
  2. UC Dance Studio
  3. Mon Cháy (Ori Stepz Kids)
  4. Bin Pop (Joker Kids)
  5. T-Cat (TrueBros Team / LazySquad)
  6. Khánh Chi (Virus Dance Studio)



Scholarship recipients will receive the following benefits:

  • * The opportunity to take any dance class at Summer Jam Dance Camp (unlimited classes)
  • * Admission to RFJAM (3-day event) 


We hope that this scholarship will provide you with more opportunities to learn and grow. And more importantly, share what you have learned with your community to grow together!

P/S: We are still looking for deserving representatives for these scholarships. If you know someone or are yourself, please introduce them in the comments along with the reasons why you or they deserve it.

One Love.