Street Warrior Jam - Beat Drop & Record: A Gathering of Street Art Enthusiasts and Apple CEO Tim Cook in Hanoi

On April 15, 2024, VHDP and fashion brand PUSW organized the Street Warrior Jam - Beat Drop & Record event at Hanoi Rock City. The event featured a workshop on basic video editing using smartphones, catering to young street art enthusiasts.





Tim Cook's Surprise Visit to Vietnam

Coinciding with the Street Warrior Jam event, news of Apple CEO Tim Cook's visit to Vietnam took the media by storm. Cook's visit aimed to connect with content creators, customers, and students in the country.

Tim Cook Praises Vietnamese Street Artists and Content Creators. Tim Cook's surprise appearance at the event was met with excitement and enthusiasm. The Apple CEO took the opportunity to commend Vietnamese street artists and content creators for their talent and creativity.





Vietnam's Growing Importance to Apple

Vietnam has emerged as a significant market and production hub for Apple. In 2023, Apple launched its online store in Vietnam, followed by the introduction of Apple Pay in August of the same year. Additionally, Vietnam is among the top five countries globally for mobile game production.



The Power of Technology for Street Art

In today's technology-driven era, even a small smartphone can be a powerful tool for street artists. With a smartphone, artists can create high-quality content without incurring significant costs, time, or manpower. This technology enables them to spread the unique and beautiful values of Hip Hop culture to a wider audience and connect with people from diverse backgrounds around the world.

VHDP's Vision for the Future of Street Art in Vietnam

VHDP believes that by combining technology with various art forms, street art and its practitioners in Vietnam can reach even greater heights in the future.