Continuing the outstanding collaboration between street fashion brand PUSW and shampoo brand CLEAR in the Street Dance Vietnam season 1 program in 2022 with extremely cool clothing products.
Back in 2024, these two brands continue to join hands to create an extremely beautiful Jersey shirt for the vibrant summer. If you love fashion, you will surely notice that this is the most loved shirt style in 2023, 2024. Originating from uniforms for athletes, Jersey has become an item that both young people, fashion icons, and world stars all have to have in their wardrobe because of its comfort and personality beauty.
Clear is a shampoo brand that is too famous worldwide. Pioneering in solving scalp problems for decades, especially dandruff treatment. In recent years, Clear has especially targeted young people through many unique campaigns, especially they are the main sponsor of the first season of Street Dance Vietnam (2022).
Besides, PUSW is a street fashion brand associated with Hip Hop culture in Vietnam for 16 years. In addition to launching many personality products with a strong street style, PUSW also creates many playgrounds as well as sponsors behind many events for the street community, while supporting and nurturing young talents to develop.
This collaboration with the bold statement "KEEP A CLEAR HEAD"! Clear and PUSW not only want to bring the message to affirm your own bravery and style, but also about confidence, creativity, and always keeping a cool head in all situations.
Whoever you are, whatever you do, always be yourself, always dare to be different and keep your spirit of steel!